Room Additions

The Design Pros At Brackmann Construction and Remodeling Will Consult, Design, and Create The Right Solution For Your Room Addition Needs.

If your family is growing but you’re reluctant to sell your current home, you may want to look into adding a room to your present structure.

Before embarking on building a room addition, the homeowner should first consider several important items: home market values in the neighborhood, financing, home building costs, room design plans (size and scale of project), architecture, timetable for completion, and their personal disruption/inconvenience threshold. Building a room addition, particularly if it involves the kitchen, can be very disruptive to today’s busy lifestyles. For a typical room addition anticipate several months of effort and inconvenience.

There are an infinite number of home addition ideas to consider when ernbarking on a home expansion project. Expanding the living space in your home can be a major undertaking and is an important decision; however, the short term and long term benefits can be very rewarding. It can provide you with a new bedroom addition, family room addition or kitchen addition, and can significantly increase the value of your home.

Some options may present a better and more cost-effective solution than your original ideas and plans. It is also important to note that some will provide higher rates of financial return than others. Brackmann’s designers and architects will not only develop room addition designs, they will also address any potential issues that could be of concern. Regardless of your decision, a new room addition typically will increase the value of your home, as well as provide you with additional living space and improve your quality of life!

Whether you need a little extra space or a major expansion, Brackmann Construction and Remodeling will create a solution for your needs, a flawless room addition design, and a home addition you will cherish and enjoy for many years to come. That is the Brackmann standard of care and excellence.

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