Historic Renovations

Homes built prior to World War II used a different construction technique for the load bearing walls. Many of you fortunate enough to own these fine, stately homes know this all too well! Don’t risk collapse or excessive damage by allowing a contractor who does not truly understand your home to damage it. We know structure. Our crews are well aware of the particular unique qualities of homes built from the late 1800’s to present.

While most of our whole-house remodels are done for clients who love their neighborhood and would rather stay there than move to a new home, we have also remodeled many homes with historical significance and charm. From Liberty, to the old Northeast area, Union Hill, Hyde Park, Brookside, Crestwood, Waldo, Mission Hills, Old Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Raytown, and Grandview, we have remodeled – and in some instances saved – these grand old homes from the wrecking ball. Incorporating all of the current conveniences and amenities in the kitchen, bath, master suite, library, laundry room, basement and attic, while retaining all of their architectural detail and charm, is one of our specialties.

Building room additions onto these historic homes takes a clear vision and complete understanding of the materials and construction techniques used originally in order for the addition to blend with and truly belong to the home. Our goal on every room addition is to match the original home perfectly; it is even more crucial on a historic home. We have never had a plan of ours rejected by any of the historical societies in the greater metro area. As we are fully licensed and insured, you can call Brackmann will full confidence that we can perform the seeming miracle that may be required on your older dream home. From matching the stone foundation to adding intricate trim that is no longer available or creating molded plaster work, Brackmann does it all with old world skill.

Before and During

Before and During

After Renovation

After Renovations

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Before and After

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