Bathroom Remodeling

Brackmann Construction Offers Innovative & Expert Assistance For Your Bathroom Redesign

Today’s bathrooms have become a retreat from the hectic pace of the day and a place to pamper yourself, a place to lock the door and concentrate on you. So why not do some remodeling and create a place in your home to rejuvenate your body and mind? Whether it’s a whirlpool tub, a steam shower or sauna, or even a nook to settle in with your morning cup of coffee, Brackmann Remodeling and Construction can create a retreat for you. Have you thought about a walk-in shower, vessel sinks, wall-mounted faucets, hand-held shower head, heated floors and towel racks, specialty lighting, aroma therapy, spotlights, or music?

We ask that you stand in the room you hate the most and call us from there. Many of you have called us from or about your bathroom. Invite our design team over and let us change disappointment into joy!

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